Bike Transportation Service in Mumbai
A complete Bike relocation service from start to finish
Bike Transport Service

Our friendly staff is trained to drive bikes of all types. They pick up the bike from your house and bring it to the loading point. We provide door pick-up service because big bike carrier vehicles are not allowed inside city. There is No Entry for big bike carrier vehicles in cities, hence we need to bring the bike to loading point by driving. Note: You can also drop your bike to our loading point. Once the bike reaches our loading point. We use bubble sheet to pack the bike body. Once the bubble sheet packing is done, we use cargo sheet and wrap it over the bubble sheet . This prevents the bike from any damage during the transit. Then, we wrap film rolls over the cargo sheet; this prevents the bike from getting any scratch during transit. Once the packing is complete, 3-4 members from our team load the bike on the bike carrier vehicle. After loading the bike, we use ropes to tie the bike chassis to the bike carrier vehicle body. This helps us avoid any unwanted movement of bike inside the bike carrier vehicle body. And thus, it prevents any damage during transit due to unwanted movements


Once the bike is loaded, the bike carrier vehicle departs from the loading point for the journey / transit. During transit, the driver makes sure to drive smoothly on bad roads and is obliged to follow all traffic rules.Once the bike carrier vehicle reaches the destination, our team unloads your bike from the vehicle. And our trained staff deliver your bike at your house as your suitable time. After unloading, we drop your vehicle to your house. Note: You can also pick up the vehicle from the delivery point (unloading point). At Fast Track Relocation, we follow our Quality Policy very strictly. Hence, we have maintained Zero damage record in bike transport services across the Country